Paul Voggenreiter is a graphic designer from Germany, working and living around Europe. He focuses on digital and printed media such as books and publications, visual identities, websites, moving images and motion design.


Visual identity and exhibition catalogue for the final exhibition yet incomputable. Indetermination in the Age of Hypervisibility and Algorithmic Control of the research programme Aesthetics of the Virtual, HFBK-Hamburg, Sammlung Falckenberg/Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

The group exhibition questions the subversive capacity of art in an era of surveillance and control by algorithms. It is conceived as a reflection on epistemic, epistemological and semiotic changeability after the digital revolution. Therefore, artistic strategies and designs are presented that counteract control and remove subjects from classification schemes.

Collaboration: Hanna Osen
Client: HFBK-Hamburg, Sammlung, Falckenberg/Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Publisher: Material Verlag ISBN 978-3-944954-40-0
Year: 2017/18
Catalogue: 175 × 250 mm, 204 pages