Paul Voggenreiter is a graphic designer from Germany, working and living in Europe. His scope is centered on art and culture and creative branding. He focuses on digital and printed media such as books and publications, visual identities, websites, and motion design.


Exhibition catalogue for Sead Kazanxhiu’s solo show Paśe Me Oxhaqeste at Zeta Gallery in October 2018.

Sead Kazanxhiu is a visual artist based in Tirana, Albania. His research mostly deals with the condition of being an Albanian Roma artist. Furthermore, with his work he wants to provoke and challenge the traditional perception of Romani people in Albania and elsewhere. The Exhibition Paśe Me Oxhaqeste (Next to my Chimney) is a visual story about the veneration of ancestral spirits and their continued existence in the memory of a house that no longer exists.

Client: ZETA Center for Contemporary Art, Sead Kazanxhiu
Year: 2018