Paul Voggenreiter is a graphic designer from Germany, working and living in Europe. His creative services are centered on art and culture, institutions and brands. He focuses on digital and printed media such as books and publications, visual identities, websites and motion design.


Visual identity and website for KOOP.STADT. With the “Bundespreis kooperative Stadt” the “Nationale Stadtentwicklungspolitik” is for the first time honouring municipalities that actively promote the work of citizens, associations, neighbourhood groups and sociocultural actors through various activities and examples and thus contribute to broad participation in and co-creation of urban space. Large and small municipalities that work hand in hand with civil society for the common good can participate.

Client: Nationale Stadtentwicklungspolitik
Web development: Julian Schmidt
Year: 2018

A selection of the winners posters from "Bundespreis Kooperative Stadt.